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Started in 2012, the Zak World of Façades conference series has grown to become a globally renowned event promoting new concepts, best practices and current trends in the building envelope segment. The event has completed 75 editions in 25 countries with 7 new countries planned in 2020. However given the current global situation, with social distancing in place and large congregations banned, the event is suspended temporarily until things resume normalcy.

Hence, to keep the architectural community connected digitally with the latest trends in façade design and engineering, Zak World of Façades is pleased to announce the Virtual Festival of Façades, a one of a kind digital event whereby we are inviting all our global attendees to register on a single virtual platform where we will be running keynote presentations, technical presentations, panel discussions, candid tête-à-tête, whitepaper launches and more in this 4 month fiesta. The event is all about façades!

Until we meet again in person, our commitment is to deliver these using the most innovative digital tools in the most innovative way. This is for all of us not only to survive, but thrive and grow together as we move into a different future at the same time which we had never ever imagined.

More info about Zak World of Façades can be found on www.zakwof.com


Key Highlights


Speakers will present live/pre-recorded freshly curated content in designing, engineering and executing building envelopes.

Virtual Boardroom

A high level interaction with a maximum of 12 participants discussing a particular topic or theme behind closed doors

Keynote Presentation

Once in 3 weeks, a leading keynote speaker will present live on an exciting subject / project

Project Case Studies

A comprehensive case study of iconic projects from design to execution with 3-4 stakeholders (architect/façade consultant/developer/contractor) of the project

Panel Discussion

Take part in a live panel discussion with 4 - 5 industry experts talking on topical subject and moderated by an expert

Virtual Workshop

A hands on session with 20-25 individuals partaking in a virtual workshop led by an industry expert on a topic

1-to-1 Networking

Directly chat and fix video meetings with all the event participants and speakers from throughout the globe via the inbuilt video conferencing software

Event Partner Profiles

View all event partners company profiles, representatives, products and videos along with scheduling a meeting in a virtual booth format

Fireside Chat
(Unmasking the Façade)

A candid tete-a-tete with industry leaders in a 1-1 fireside chat

Friday BYOB Networking

An open networking virtual drinks session with breakout rooms for a region every Friday

Mobile App

All the above features are available seamlessly on our iOS & Android compatible mobile app


Speakers will be added weekly. Keep checking this space out for updated names.


(All times in GMT / UTC+0. Once registered, you will get the timings in your local time zone inside the festival.)

Premiering content customised for Australia + New Zealand every Monday.

Premiering content customised for UAE + Qatar + Kuwait + Saudi Arabia + Oman + Lebanon + Turkey every Monday.

Premiering content customised for Germany + Scandinavia every Tuesday.

Premiering content customised for USA + Canada every Tuesday.

Premiering content customised for Belgium + Netherlands + Italy + Spain + France + Switzerland every Wednesday.

Premiering content customised for Hong Kong + China + Taiwan + Japan + South Korea every Wednesday.

Premiering content customised for Singapore + Malaysia + Indonesia + Philippines + Vietnam + Thailand every Thursday.

Premiering content customised for United Kingdom every Thursday.

Premiering content customised for India + Sri Lanka + Pakistan + Bangladesh every Friday.

Premiering content customised for Kenya + South Africa + Egypt every Friday.

All content for other regions of the world will be premiered on Friday.

What’s in store at the festival?


Trouble Registering?


Get the Mobile App

Download the app to benefit from all features. Login with the email address you used to register for the event to get access to Virtual Festival of Façades.

Interested in Sponsoring?

(Connect with one of our colleagues to know more)


Once you have registered under the specifier pass category and submit your interest, one of our colleagues will validate the same and you will receive an email from our registration partners Tito < support@tito.io > or Eventbrite <orders@eventbrite.com> to complete your registration. Once you have completed the same, you will get another email with a magic link from our software partners Swapcard hello@swapcard.com asking you to setup a password for your account. Please note it could take upto 1 hour to receive the email from Swapcard. Once that is set, you are able to enter the festival. It is advisable to check your spam/junk folders as due to firewalls, there may be chances of these emails landing in those folders.

We aim to validate it immediately, however, due to time zone differences, we might take up to a day to validate the same. If you have not received your confirmation within the stipulated time frame, please write to us to check on the status.

It is highly recommended that you use your company/official/business email ID for registration as we use the same to validate your pass.

No. We cannot transfer the same. A fresh registration must be initiated.

Unfortunately, we do not have a copy of the presentations are they are directly streamed from the speaker’s computer. Best is to ask them directly.

All passes have full access to the festival which includes attending live sessions; watching completed sessions on demand; 1-1 chat; 1-1 video call; scheduling meeting with fellow festival attendees, exhibitors and speakers; viewing the exhibiting companies and product profiles; taking part in forum discussions and lots more. The only difference in the passes is the duration of the pass. Rest all of the facilities is the same.

The mobile app has all the features of the website on the go including 1-1 chat, etc. Apart from that, you will receive periodic reminder notifications of the sessions you have signed up for, meeting request alerts, chat message alerts and also any important announcements regarding the festival.

If your objective of the festival is met and you would like to delete your account, you can select your profile and delete/erase your account details.

This is not allowed as if there are multiple logins and IP address detected, the account will be blocked automatically.

The official event time zone is set on the UK time zone. However, all the timings inside the festival will display the time based on your computer/mobile device’s time.

Yes. You can select the option under settings inside your profile.

Yes. You can edit your profile by updating your photo, bio, skills, contact details, company details, social media handles and more as and when you wish.

Yes. The sessions you have registered for and the meetings that have been fixed, you can export a .ics calendar file and import the same in your calendar.

There is no deadline. You can register anytime you want to as long as the festival is active.

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